Dr Martens

Founded in 1945 by the German doctor Klaus Märtens, the brand Dr. Martens initially experienced a mixed success. It was only in 1947, when Märtens welcomed his former colleague Dr. Herbert Funck into the company, that sales increased considerably. The success was such that in 1952 the new partners opened a new design factory in Munich, in order to increase production and to support the constantly increasing demand. Considering that the company was now well established in the market, the partners decided to launch the brand internationally in 1959. The design patents were immediately bought by the English shoe manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd, who hastened to open new design plants in the UK. Slight modifications were made to the design, such as a more adjustable heel and the famous yellow seam which is now the trademark of the product. The first model to be released from the English production factories, the 1460, was launched on April 1st, 1960 and is still in production to date.

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