Goorin Bros.

It was in 1895 that Cassel Goorin traveled the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a cart full of hats, and a fervent passion for the art of conceiving them. His attention to detail and a well-executed work almost automatically guaranteed the success of his young company, which attracted a growing interest thanks to the quality of his hats. An enthusiastic fisherman, Cassel was mainly inspired by the outdoors, a passion he passed on to his sons, Alfred and Ted. It was in 1921, moreover, that he passed over to them the torch of the operation, which had grown from its humble beginnings on a horse-drawn cart to a bustling partnership with a variety of established, quality hat factories. As family was truly at the heart of their business, Alfred and Ted renamed the company Goorin Brothers. The company, which had flourished throughout the years, relocated its offices from Pittsburgh to San Francisco. The torch was passed from generation to generation, until today, when the brand now has more than 30 retailers across the United States and Canada.

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